Monday, March 2, 2015

Family Updates: March 2015

  • Is doing amazing at potty training. I decided to try and get her potty trained just after her 2nd birthday (we're overachievers around here) and right when I was about to announce she was potty trained she would regress. Time and time again. So I'm knocking on wood right now and saying "Jaycie is Potty-trained. 
  • Her vocabulary is getting quite extensive. She really likes the word "either" however she doesn't really understand what it means. For example "Katie goes potty either". I've decided that I think she thinks it means "too" or "also". I just think it's so cute that I don't have the heart to correct her. 
  • Moved to a big girl, twin bed. I think her baby mattress was just to hard for her. She'd sleep for a few hours and then end up in bed with Josh and I. That was not working for me, so I found a super cheap bed on KSL and painted it to match her old crib. It's perfect and she loves it and I love it cuz now I can sleep. 
  • Really HATES socks. I think she gets this from Grandma Gubler (who in 15 years I've never seen in a pair of socks) so I'm looking forward to sandal and flip-flop weather. 
  • Is learning so so so quickly it scares me a little. She participates in a state funded online preschool program called UpStart. They called me the other week to let me know that Kaitlyn is reading and learning on a FIRST GRADE level. WHAT!?!?! I made them test her again just to make sure and they're right. She HATES the program but she excels at it. 
  • Is really struggling with Primary right now. She doesn't like her new teachers (even though they are so nice) and she never wants to go to class. It's literally a fight and bribe fest to get her attend. 
  • Still loves Elsa from Frozen even though she hasn't seen the movie since before Christmas. She got these new blue gloves that sing and that I want to chuck in the trash think are super cute from my Mom. 
  • Is sortof a follower. We've had a lot of problems with her picking up on every bad habit her little friends have. She teams up with them to leave Maddie out of things and so far I feel a little like my Mother when she used to make me be nice to my sister. I've cancelled all play dates for the next week because it's become a real issue.
  • Loves to practice her Dance and Leaps. She lives for Friday's dance class and thinks her teacher, Miss Sara, walks on water. It's fine... I do too. :)  
  • Has improved so much in Dance. For a while she didn't enjoy it and would be goofy the entire time on watching day. It was a problem. However, since Christmas break she has really started to excel and do a great job. Miss Sara tells me every week what an improvement she's making. It makes me smile. 
  • Is really looking forward to Soccer season. We went to Phoenix recently to visit Josh's brother Linden. Her cousin Jaslyn was there and she's a soccer superstar. We got to attend a couple of her games and Maddie was mesmerized. She wants to be Jaslyn when she grows up. That's fine, I'll take it. 
  • LOVES UpStart! She works so hard at it and is learning on a Kindergarten Level. I'm proud of her. 
  • Is an amazing bed maker. She wakes up every morning and makes her bed. Then she helps Kate with hers. She's a selfless little girl who likes to please. Yay!
  • Only wants to play with Boys. She's always been a sort of loner. Kate loves friends and Maddie is fine to sit back and watch. But, recently she's been talking about all these friends at school and church and they're all boys. One even ran over and hugged her at, yeah...
  • Still in the Elder's Quorum Presidency in our ward. He seems to enjoy it except for when it's super demanding. He's super social anyway so this is just another way he gets to know people. 
  • Moved from Cottonwood Post office to Murray Post Office to fill in as their Manager for a while. I think he's getting a little discouraged since he was passed over for the last manager job because of his age. (Yeah total discrimination...the guy came out and said he was too young. Josh was pissed) 
  • Used his gas money refund from Cottonwood to put in a fence. 
  • Really needs a vacation
  • Really into reading again. All I want to do is read. All. The. Time
  • Is done with her Scouting Calling. I'm really over cub scouts and I'm trying not to quit but I'm this close. 
  • Looking forward to Girls Camp. It's ward camp this year and I just held my first camp meeting. I'm super excited about the theme and I have a million ideas rummaging around in my head.
  • Feels like I'm the maid. I've made chore charts for everyone living in my house to try and cut down on my work. So far, I do less cleaning but more nagging. 
  • Has had a constant headache for about 4 days. 
  • Has been off "the sauce" (dr. pepper) for the last three months. But I'm currently enjoying one as I type because it's all I can think of to dull the headache. :( 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone

Santa sure was good to us at our house this year...
 Christmas Morning was so much fun. I read this thought all over Facebook about Christmas being better when you're a parent. They weren't kidding. It was the best to see our girls so excited. 

(well, Katie snuck downstairs to peek before anyone else was up so that wasn't the best... I thought i'd have at least two more years before I had to worry about that. Next year I'm blocking the door with crepe paper)

Jaycie got a Doc McStuffin's Check Up Station which she loves. (Maddie loves it just as much I think)

Katie got her Frozen Vanity and Maddie got her Walki-Talki's. 

They also got some clothes (boring) and leaning stuff from Mom and Dad. 

 They were super excited when Grandma and Grandpa Ewert came and brought some more toys.

In the end they ended up with new dolls, a bunch of clothes, what they asked Santa for, some new PJ's, books, slippers, and a Karaoke Machine. We're pretty excited to fit it all into our already overflowing playroom. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!  

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!!
Christmas Eve also happens to be Josh's Mom's Birthday so we spend most of our evening there with our cousins. We tried to get a cousin picture (it really didn't work out)

 So we settled instead of cousin pictures of the girls and then the boys. 
I'm sad to not have the boys' picture :( 

We acted out the Christmas Story this year complete with Narators and Songs. The girls were all Sheep and Shepherds. I really hoped to instill the true meaning of Christmas in my little Muchkins this year but I have some ideas that I want to implement next year. I want my girls to have a testimony of our Savior's Birth and know in the deepest part of their souls that Jesus was born and lived and died for them. I'm so grateful for that knowledge and I hope to help them come to know it as well. 


Then we head over to Gma and Gpa Ewerts house for some last minute snacks before bed time. We set our cookies out on our special Santa plate (which I made this last month at Girl's Night, YAY!) and hang our Santa Key on the front door (because we don't have a fireplace chimney)...
...and we wait for Santa to come. 

FotoFly Santa Style

This year we had a rough year with money. Josh got promoted (which is awesome) but he also took a rather large pay cut (salary :( Boo) It's nice to have him home more since he's worked Saturday's our ENTIRE Marriage; but our budget is suffering a little (okay, a lot) 

Any...who... This year FotoFly was offering a free photo Santa Session to those who didn't have the means to get it this year. Pictures weren't on the top of my priority list for Christmas but as long as we're getting this for free I was all over it. 

It was fun... I played Santa and my girls mostly smiled. Jaycie did not enjoy the costume and anytime the photographer would bump me to make the big girls laugh she got a look on her face like "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?" It was hysterical! But we had fun and they were free... can't complain!

Ewert Christmas Party 2014

Every Year on the Sunday before Christmas my parents host the annual Ewert Family Christmas Party at their house. 
(It used to be lot bigger with all my cousins coming and things but now it's really just my family and Grandma)

This year Uncle Charlie was everyone's favorite. 

Santa Came ... Camden was not a fan. We all laughed but he was terrified. Poor guy, I remember when Maddie used to flip out.

This Santa is kindof a crabby Santa. Santa is suppose to be jolly and kind. This Santa is sarcastic and kindof mean. I think we were all on the naughty list. 
 Especially Charlie... Pretty sure this is illegal (but it's gonna make a great Christmas Card next year)
We had been having a little trouble with "Naughty Katie" making her appearance CONSTANTLY before this party. We asked Santa to give her a little talk about obeying her parents, putting her toys away, etc. What she got a was hat that said she was naughty, a lecture, and he didn't give her the present until the end. She was un-amused and I think that's the last time I'll ask this Santa for a Pep-Talk. 
 But on the other Hand Jaycie seemed to like Santa... so that's something. 

 Santa brought books and pajama's this year with was great because I had been holding off buying the baby new PJ's because I knew they'd get some from both Grandma's this year. 
 *Oh... and it was finally Maddie's turn to play Rudolf for the songs. She was super excited about it. 
Overall, it was a successful party, everyone had fun, no one in my immediate family cried, and we all got presents. 


Miss Margene's Preschool Christmas Program

Maddie, Katie, and Bradley had their preschool Christmas Program at The Utah Cultural Celebration Center. They sang songs, and said little parts. They memorize their parts and weren't afraid at all to get up the microphone and say them, I was so proud. They each left with a gift from another child at school. They both got art stuff. Katie got a kit with everything included and Maddie got separate coloring book with crayons, pencils, and paints. 

I really wish I could upload the video of them doing their parts. It was darling!

Merry Christmas!!

Maddie & Kate Turn 5

Oh my goodness... How did my girls go from babies to big girls practically overnight?!? 

It's depressing to think about to be honest. It seemed like I waited FOREVER for them to come and now they're 25% done with childhood. Makes my Mommy Heart sad; but they are growing so fast and they are so smart. Here's a few stats about my girls before we dive into the Party!!

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Show: Sofia The First
Favorite Movie: Frozen (Duh)
Favorite Disney Character : Anna and Rapunzel
Favorite Food : Potatoes and Gravy & Cereal
Favorite Day of the Week: Friday - Dance Day
Misc. Info: Maddie is an excellent Artist. She loved to draw and color. She really excels at her preschool work and is quickly learning to write her letters very well. She likes to be called Maddie but will only write her name as Madisyn. She's so sweet and craves acceptance. We really can't praise her enough. She's in tune with people's emotions and has such empathy for other's it astounds me. She really likes her long hair and usually prefers a pony tail but she will wear it down and curly if she thinks that's how I want it. She likes to read books (pretend) and loves her baby sister and cousin Curtis. 

Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Show: Sofia The First
Favorite Movie: Frozen and Cinderella
Favorite Character: Elsa and Cinderella
Favorite Food: Lemon Chicken & Rice
Favorite Day of the Week: Friday - Dance Day
Misc. Info. - Kate is full of Fire. She loves her friends (Maisie, Jane, and Kevin) and wants to play with them all the time. She is determined and stubborn and such a giving little girl. She usually will do what she's told when it comes to helping someone else. She hates to make her bed and usually ropes Maddie into doing it for her. Kate is doing well in Upstart (the online state preschool she does) but she hates it. It is a constant struggle to get her to do her work. She likes to write letters and is always asking me to help her spell things. She loves to play dress up and can be found singing any number of Frozen songs at once. She loves her cousin Camden and he loves her. She's like a little Mommy to all the younger kids. She's sassy and adorable and she lets me bite her face whenever I want to. :) 

We had their Friend Party and Family party on December 20th. 
(Why oh why do I do this to myself?!?)

I was pretty excited about how the invite turned out. It took me forever to find some frozen clip art that worked well with the background we had chosen but it the end it was so cute. 
We have a bunch of friends and their siblings over for a "Frozen Scavenger Hunt" Party. We did a scavenger hunt and after every couple they would come to a craft they'd have to do...

Like Wand/Ice Pick Making, Antler/Crown Making, a Photo Booth

 In the End we had Cupcakes and an Ice Cream Bar

The Girls opened Gifts and their friends left. I was so grateful to some of my BFF's for helping with the party. I couldn't have done it without my Mom, Irene, Ashley, and Brieanna. I think I crammed a ton into this party and maybe next time I'll do a little less (yeah right)

At the Family Party that evening we had a potato bar for dinner and then the girls got spoiled with gifts from family. They had such a fun birthday!

(and I'm glad we're done :)